November 15, 2010

Handmade Amor: First Look

One of the very first things I read about on Weddingbee was first looks, and I was sold right away!
We both wanted to have a fist look, mostly because we wanted to use our photographer's time the best possible way, and having most of our bride and groom pictures before the ceremony will give us time for all the other pictures we wanted after the ceremony. Now looking back I think it was one of the best decisions we made. We had tons of fun, we got to enjoy it in such an intimate way. And at the ceremony we were both so much more relaxed :)

Even though we discuss it with Adi, our photographer, we didn't really know what we wanted or where we wanted it to happen, so we pretty much left everything up to them. And I am so glad we did, he choose one side of the caboose, so that way I could walk from the house to the back and go to Mr. Poodle. then fun part was that even tho we couldn't really see anyone, our families and wedding party saw everything from the main house, pretty awesome I say!

One of my favorite pictures :)

I love how in most of our wedding pictures you can't really tell how windy and cold it was, I think our photographers were awesome!

Even thou most of the pictures have a focus on me, I always remember the huge smile on Mr. Poodle's face, it was one of those moments you always smile when you close your eyes and remember.

It kind of give me goosebumps all over!

After the first look, most of Mr. Poodles comments were about my dress, hair and how he loved the fact that I added color with a sash, after all it was the very first time he saw all my work (and his sister's on my hair) all together.

Thanks to having most of our pictures before the ceremony we end up with LOADS of amazing images, that of course I will share with all of you! I never though after the ceremony everything was going to be so fast, I think after the ceremony we didn't even realize it when it was already dancing time and midnight came just as fast.

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(Editing has being made by me in some of them)

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