September 5, 2009

075 - Seating card Inspiration

This was definitely one of the thousands of things I learn by staking WeddingBee - Since I've attended only two weddings in my life and both of them had someone guiding me to my seat, I had absolutely no idea what a Seating chart and seating cards were until a few months a go, funny huh?

Now that I've been drawn into wedding waters, I've found so many cool/fun seatings ideas that I had to share my favorites.

This first one was one of the ones I likes the most! because we wanted to give our guest a tiny bottle of Pisco as a our wedding favors. That way we could share with them my traditional liquor, but since we want to offer "Pisco Sour" at the reception, giving them more Pisco might be too much. I love the idea of mixing the favor with the card though. :)

Another idea I loved was to hang the cards on a rope and tie them with clothespin, this is a classic! Love IT! but I dont want to use all that paper on making labels.

 Now since we have no "official" favor, I thought it would be a cool idea to mix whatever we use as favors to hold the name and table like this cool DIY coasters project, but again too much paper involve.

So then I searched for some more ideas, maybe seeds on a bag, like the next left image? or those cute nest?

{ Image Source Left - Right }

Maybe Apples or Compasse? Mm I think, I rather stick to my initial idea of something edible as favor.

{ Image Source Left - Right }

Because of that I though about using other non-paper surfaces to write our guest names, and maybe they can be grouped  arround a wood frame with their tale number! SO I though about rocks.

{ Image Source Left - Right }

Or maybe wood, very small pieces, I am still not sure what road to take, but I think once we define what our favor is going to be I could use them as my name surface, or maybe I should just stick to wood and rocks?

Are you using a non-paper seating card? if so would you like to share? have you seen other ideas I should look at?

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