September 4, 2009

074 - Outdoor Chapel

On one of our first "wedding related" conversations Mr. Poodle and I decided to get married in California, because of that we didn't need to to put much thoughts on the venue task, it was one of those things that comes naturally and obviously; every single one of Mr. Poodle's family get-together take place on "the ranch", So he asked me if I wanted to have the ceremony-party there? - Um, So I thought: we dont need reservations to match our by time unknown date (we had just applied to the K1 visa), we can use it for as long as we want, we can be as loud as we want (we might get complains by a bird or two) and it's free? - That was rotund YES!

Having the place set I started the search for Ideas and Inspiration to transform the ranch into our dream wedding venue, if you remember I already shared the fact that the ranch is not the normal "surrounded by green with a classic wood barn" that's why it will not be as easy as attaching some lights to make magic happen. There will be a lot of work involved, happily Mr. Poodle's family is willing to help us as much as they can! yay!

As most of you when Mrs. Frenchie show us this amazing venue, I wished we could use a place like this, but we need to be real, even if we had the money we could not build that *just* for our wedding!

BUT! we could build something else, a place more "us" to be our own Chapel!

Mr. Poodle's dad is a contractor, so he's collecting material to build our very own version of this amazing outdoor Chapel :) How cool is that?

The first time I saw this pictures (Probably the same week we talked wedding) I felt in love with it! I email pictures to Mr. Poodle and FMIL, hoping they would like the idea so we could make it, waited patiently (ok biting my nails)  until they wrote back saying they would love to try our own version! :)

I really think all the hard work ahead will be justify if we get one cute picture of the "grand entrance" like this one. I know, I'm obsessed over this project, the "Outdoor Chapel" was actually my first wedding related dream *blushing*

Then another item cross my mind and when I saw the next picture, I fell in love again, HAY! - On the ranch there's no animals, so there for no hay needed, but I again email FMIL to show her my inspiration pictures, and like the first time, she supported the love I had just found for hay (she's still way more supportive with the love I have for his son tho- lol)

I love the idea of using hay, but we definitely need to be careful, because on the first wedding pictures I show you, the contrast between the white chairs and the old wood, is what I loved the most. So I need to re-design the 3D model I had made for our Chapel so it doesn't look like an overload of old wood and hay. But I dont complain! after all, how cool is to have a hay couch full of different color pillow?

So the hay idea was sold!, no chair at this girl's ceremony :) just HAY! - Then I started thinking of not having chairs at all, like this next wedding pictures (even though they did had some normal chair)

I am still not sure what rout to go, either chair-less  or maybe chairs only for the reception, I have never being on a "hay" seat so I don't really know if my concerns are justify. I know the ceremony will not be long enough for people to get uncomfortable sitting there, and I'm planning on covering the hay so they dont get their clothes dirty. But eating is a whole different situation.

Have you been to a "non conventional seat" reception? have you experience the hay seat? if you did would you recommend it?

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  1. My dad has a ranch that grows hay and it is very pokey and itchy. I love the inspiration photos, but make sure what you cover they hay with is thick enough so that the individual pieces don't poke through.

    Also, hay is kinda expensive at ~$12 a bale right now, I think. Does your FI know someone you can borrow it from?

    I like the idea of ceremony only. Sitting on a chair with no back for a while isn't the most comfortable. Maybe you can make a lounge area with hay to tie the reception together?


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