September 3, 2009

073 - My Girls’ Dresses - Part 2: BM Sister

The sewing frenzy is ON!

I figure that since I'm asking for your advice on the dress I'll wear "to make it legal" I should star kicking the pending projects I have on the sewing department so I can phisically be able to sew my "other" dream dress :)

If you remember I show you all the first of  My girl's dresses: MOH not so long a go, after I post about it I realize i forgot to mention one little detail I was attempting to conquer. I wanted MOH dress to be REVERSIBLE!! how cool would that be? Of course she was excited about the idea too, she would have the purple I wanted as one dress, and the purple she picked (a much darker one) on the other side as dress number 2! and here a little peek of the MOH dress and a close up to the inner fabric color and texture.

{ I really liked the contrast on the different colors and textures fabric }

But now to the dress story I wanted to share!

This is Poodle sister :) She is a 15 year old girly girl, crazy over Jonas Brothers and one of my best friends. She means the world to me, but when it comes to design for her, she can be a pain in the butt. Like any normal teenager she changes her mind prob every day - Um ok I do that too, so I should not complain! lol

{ Poodle sister and I at her Middle School (Educación Básica here) graduation }

Anyway, we saw probably 50 different dresses so she could have an idea of what she wanted, on a month she changed her mind 6 times, so even though I was on a risk that she would change her mind again, I started cutting fabric with no turning back. We started with the bottom of her dress, she wanted pockets and a different feel to what I did with MOH's bottom dress.

{ For the bottom I cut two big circles, folding the fabric leaving the clear color 2" longer }

I sew everything like she wanted and moved to the top. As usual I used my dear newspaper to make my pattern and measure it on my sister, because well I'll make my DIY dress form after the wedding :)

{ I measure and play with the newspaper and tape to fit the desire form }

{ Then I cut the newspaper pattern to both of the fabrics, I also made a little piece to tie the center }

{ I pin everything on place to sew it easily - on the left you can see the details of the bottom part }

I sew everything together really fast so by the time Sister Poodle was out of the shower she could not change her mind - lol

{ Here's the first fit, I still needed to sew the details on the front }

I cut sister Poodle's head on that picture because she was not happy with the way the dress fit her.

A little behind the scenes - while I was figuring out the dress and sewing like a crazy woman guess how was on my lap the whole time!?? ... yeah! your right! CURLY! Every time I made him leave he will wait until I had to sew again and jump to my lap, but I was almost done so I call my sister again.

{ There's no way to make him leave when he's comfortable hehe }

On the first fitting she was giving me the "I'm not wearing this dress" kind of look because she said the ladies were feeling weird, but I fixed the problem, finish the front sew the straps to the back and force her to take her pajamas to "really feel" the fit of the dress.

{ Second fit and FINALLY a happy face!!! }

After the second fit she loved it!! I still need to iron it, but I really liked the way it looks :)
Happy BM = Happy Bride!

{ Final dress! two done, two to go! }

Now the dress is done, but I though we could spice it up a little bit by adding a sash with some little flowers on the waist - So in order to convince Poodle sister this idea could work, I had to show her the flowers I wanted to use. Trying not to burn my fingers like I did with my Hair flower, I created 4 of this flowers in different sizes.

{Sealing - sewing - ready! }

This is the story of the second dress so far, I still need to convince my sister we can do something else to the dress, but I'm happy for today. I got her to like the dress and I'm happy with that, mission accomplish!!

But I could really use any input or ideas,what else would you add to this dress?



My Girls' Dresses - Part1: MOH

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  1. I love it and I don't really think it needs anything but you could put some kind of bling in the center area if you wanted. You are amazing.


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