October 2, 2009

082 - Decisions, decisions! - Dress decisions

Remember when I showed you all my inspiration dresses for the one I’m making? Well, at that time I was so focus on finding something I liked that I didn’t pay attention to one little detail – our wedding will be in winter (scare to the cold face) – Just like I mention before on my shoe post, I suffer from a really low tolerance to cold weather. So I realize I need to think about a way to stay warm but still have the dress of my dreams.

Because I was not 100% sure about the shape I wanted for the top of the dress, I just focus on finishing the bottom part and the undergarment, later on I added a splash of color to my crinoline, witch made me really happy! But I had decisions to make, yeah the top needs to be finish AHORA!

( You already know this is one of THOSE post Mr. Poodle!)

So the inspiration search started all over again, but this time my lovely readers will be just for the top. I wanted to search for options that could work for winter and this were some of my favorites:

My first Google key words were “Monique Lhuillier sleeve dress” and I found this cuties

option4 { Image Source LeftRight }


But here on the hive there was already a lovely bride that wow me with her amazing sleeve dress! – You know it Mrs. Glitter!!

option2 { Image Source }


I also thought about maybe having short sleeves, that way I wont be so exposed, This is one of my fav too by my favorite designer ever Monique Lhuillier

option3 { Image Source }


Later on I found this pictures! How cool is this one strap dress?

option1 {Image Source LeftRight }


But I have to confess that I have an obsession with tini lace parts covering outside the dress

option5 { Image Source }


And if I didn't had men-looking shoulders I would totally go for something like this.

option6 { Image Source }


At first I though I should just make my dress with sleeves and be warm. But then I thought about the dancing factor, and let me tell you readers, I will the the kind of bride that will not stop dancing until my guest kick me off our wedding or until Mr. Poodle drag me out (whatever happens first lol)

Anyway, with the dancing factor in mind, the long sleeves not longer sound so appealing in my head. So I though I should just go with what I like the most :) I can always make some cute bolero a la Bonzie, right?

Look at this beauties! I can totally picture something like that, either short or long sleeves.

bonzie { Image Source LeftRight }

I know this items are already sold at their Etsy shop, but I save them a long time a go because they were on my wedding colors hehe

Want to know what I ended up making? Stay tuned because I’m sewing the last details of my Handmade Wedding Dress ;)

Did you faced changes on the decisions you have already made regarding your wedding dress?


  1. I heart that last purple bolero. It's gorgeous and I'm sad it's already sold! You haven't even made your piece, but I know i'm going to love it (and be in craft envy again!).

    This post kind of just reminded me that I'm getting married in February and I tend to freeze all the time; I guess I better start looking for something to cover me up, too. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. hola! respondi lo de las polaroid en tu correo! gracias por las instrucciones de *follow* jeje :)

    ohh y referente al vestido, me gusta la primer idea del bolero de encaje sobre el vestido, pero con mangas cortas! saluditos!

  3. I love everything you do, Joy! I absolutely cannot wait to see your dress - its going to be gorgeous!


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