October 20, 2009

085 - Engagement session talk

In Chile couples don't usually get engagement photography sessions (What a bummer huh?), so to me, this was one of those – Can WE PRETTY PLEASE? situations – and that’s the cool thing about mixing our traditions :) YAY!

Then, and since we are working on a tight budget, we decided an engagement sessions was “one of those things” we should cut off in order to stay inside our budget. :(

But now we are back in the game! and the Poodles are going to have an engagement session!! *happy dance* :D

And as usual I started the search for inspiration! and what better place to start than here, the hive! so I had to show you all (in case you haven't see then before on the Gallery and the Boards) some of my favorite E- Pics

- First from katiebug3017: I love the way they included their hairy babies on the shots, specially since they met while taking them to the beach.


engagement-k2 { Image Source }

After seeing this pictures, I love the idea of including my baby Poodle Curly on our shots :)


- From Miss.Gator: I absolutely love their shots on the water, definitely a very unique scenario.

engagement-g1  engagement-g2{ Image Source Top - Bottom }

Since I was a hard core swimmer while in Collage, I would love to do some “water shots” but maybe it will be too cold for that since Mr. Poodle has told me the weather is starting to cool off on the sunny CA.


- From Future Mrs. Martin: I love the “laying on the ground” king of shots, and the leafs look so perfect.


engagement-f1  { Image Source }

I would love to have some nature on our pictures, but then since our wedding will have a very strong rustic feel I started to look for more city inspiration.


- From Jesstagirl: How fun and colorful are this pictures I love how they used the painted walls!

engagement-j1 engagement-j2 { Image Source }

I love the graffiti and urban feel in this pictures, I bet there’s ton of colorful walls and graffiti's around LA, right?


- From Miss Disney: I love the color in this ones too! I can’t get enough of those bright color walls :)

engagement-d { Image Source LeftRight }


- From nelzbels: How hot is this photo?

engagement-n { Image Source }


Wasn't that some lovely hive inspiration?

And of course, now that we are having an engagement session I have the perfect excuse (ok, another excuse) to make a dress and search for cool accessories to wear :)

Since I love to tease you all I’m going to show you what my baby Curly did while I has working hard on a dress, and here you can actually see the fabric I’m using for it.

sneekpeeck   { Yes! he slept the whole time and Yes! my fabric reminded me Miss Dachshund’s colors hehe }

Now we know we want our E-Pics to have a Urban feel, but we need to start the search for cool places we could use, since I’ll be new there I have no idea how to search and even though Mr. Poodle lives in CA he’s not an often visitor of LA.

We thought about using the places we have visit in LA, but I think we might be missing some other cool ones just because we never saw them before.

So hive do you want to share: How did you search for your E- pics location?  Are you using or did use places you both visit? Did you use a “new to you” location?

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  1. awww thanks for posting our pictures! That second one you posted is our absolute favorite and almost didn't happen. It was the last shot of the day. I can't wait to see yours - I know they're going to be fantastic!


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