October 9, 2009

083 - A bump on the road

I thought this week I was going to write the post I’ve been waiting to write for 221 days, I though last Monday we were going to have our visa Approved and I was going to be thrilled to announce that I was going to be reunited with Mr. Poodle in just a week. Well that is not happening (just the part of us being reunited in a week)

I know, maybe my expectations were too high up, but there was a no reason to get any answer but an approval, and even though we were not rejected, after the interview I felt like we were.

Trust me, I’ve done mayor research about what they ask on the visa interview and every aspect of it, so I was pretty confident about it – But to my surprise I got the answer I was not ready to take: we have to keep waiting, waiting to know if we get approved (On my head I was screaming at him saying “Are you kidding me???- Does 221 days of wait is not long enough or something?)

I was so frustrated, sad, mad and I felt my heart was breaking, but I kept my head up, took a deep breath, smile and ask him about how they’ll contact me. Later, when I was home I had to let everything out, and I broke to tears, I felt our wedding plans were being trashed away by an Immigration officer, and more than ever I wish I had the knowledge to build a machine to teleport to Mr. Poodle’s arms.

So yeah… After hours feeling like it was the end of the word I realize how much of a baby I was because:

- Yes, this adds some extra weeks to our long waited reunion.

- Yes, it’s going to take longer to move to CA.

- Yes, I will need to put on hold some of my DIY projects.

- Yes, I probably wont see Mr. Poodle as soon as we though, but hey! I will be sharing all the rest of my life with him, every single tear of frustration over this process is so worth it if at the end I’ll  walk down the aisle to the men of my dream, right?

Each little bump on the road makes me appreciate Mr. Poodle more and more, I know I will never take him, our love, or our relationship for granted because we have being fighting to be together for so long. And every single time things got tough, he was my stone, he always gave me the energy to raise my head again, to look beyond the gray cloud and realize we have a wonderful future ahead of us. Our love keeps growing, and all of this will just make us and our relationship stronger.

We had everything so well planned, it was our timing masterpiece, but I now I need to let it go, relax and focus on the half full glass. Sometimes in timing-wedding-planning things just don't work as plan.

Have you faced a suddenly change on your timing-wedding-plans? What have you done to keep a positive attitude if you didn't like it?


  1. Aw I am sorry you are going through this. I hope it all works out for you!

    The only bump in the road we faced was a part of life. Cars needing servicing which cost $$$$ taking a chunk out of our budget but in the end we pulled through and you will too!!

  2. Oh honey, I'm sorry you the process is taking a little longer than you thought. :( I love your positive outlook on the situation, though. Keep your head up. It will be so worth it in the end. Abrazos.

  3. Hang in there!! You've got the right idea in all your positive thinking. There's no sugar-coating how much what you're going through stinks, I sure can't even imagine what it feels like, but just keep thinking the way you are in this post and know that all these days waiting are just a drop in the bucket of time that you will spend in Mr. Poodle's arms!!

  4. Every sort of problem came up prior to my wedding. You just have to stay positive and persevere.

  5. I hate that you didn't get the answer you were looking for and anticipating. I know we have different situations on our hands, but I've also been waiting and waiting to finally be with my fiance and yesterday it finally happened. The relief and happiness you'll feel when it finally happens is beyond words. Hang in there and cry as often as you need to...sometimes that's the only thing that can make a really crappy situation feel a teeny teeny tiny bit better.

  6. i'm sorry it's taking you longer than anticipated to be reunited with your love! hang in there, and keep the positive thinking!

  7. You girls are so sweet! :) Thank you so much for all your words <3


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