October 14, 2009

084 - September 18th meets the 4th of July for our rehearsal dinner?

I know! that’s a hard task if you don't own a time machine. And your probably wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll get there is just a second.

But before I go deep into showing you what I’m talking about, I want to share EXITING NEWS!!! This was the week!! If you remember last week was not the best for us, but finally we got our Fiancé Visa APPROVED!! *Happy dance* – Now even though some of our plans had to be re-scheldure we could not be any happier, now we know we will be together soon :)

Ok now to the inspiration for our rehearsal dinner… and the story goes like this:

When we first started dating, one of the first thing we though was pretty cool, was that our countries flag’s share the same colors, and both of them have stars (ok just one on my case :) )

And when we started talking about the way we both celebrate our Independence Day we realize we had a lot of things in common, and both of our celebrations also had very unique items that we both liked a lot.

chile-usa {On the left the Chile flag, but it’s twisted a little bit to the left - Image Source LeftRight }

The Chilean Independence celebrations are September 18th but we are so lucky to have our Dia de las Fuerzas Armadas (the day of our army forces) the 19th so pretty much every year we have  a between 2 to 6 days celebrations, (that’s because if the celebrations happen to be in the middle of the week, we end up having the whole week as holiday)  I know kind of crazy to party for that long, but sooo much fun! Specially because this is the time of the year when Chileans eat more Empanadas, Asados y Anticuchos.

September 18th is by far my favorite Holiday, and 4th of July is one of Mr. Poodle’s favorite – So I thought, what better idea than have a “Independence – Fiestas Patrias” theme rehearsal dinner :)

My idea is to have a little “Fonda” – with Papel picado for decoration (On the next picture you can see that usually fondas have either flags or papel picado as ceiling decor). Lots of 4th of July decor and yummy Chilean Food, with some cool Independence colored drinks.

 fonda1 {Chilean Fonda – That’s where all people go dancing for Fiestas Patrias -  Image Source }

So I started the search for inspiration decor and this are some of the ones I loved:
This is so clean, simple and colorful! the flowers next to the flags are “Copihues” that’s our National Flower.

chilecrafts { Image Source }

I also found 4th of July projects I just loved! – like this one by Twig and Thistle :) She even has a tutorial and templates for this cuties  

celebrate { Image Source }

I found an overload of Inspiration by the Hostess with the Mostess blog, wow this tables look amazing!

tabledecor1 tabledecor2 { Image Source }

tabledecor3 { Image Source }

And of course some dessert Inspiration!

I loved the Hostess desert Inspirations, she divided them on two post here and here

july4thdessert1 { Image Source }

 july4thdessert { Image Source }


And some drinks we could serve! besides the Pisco Sour we both love so much 

drinks {4th of July Cocktail Recipes from Simple Stated via Hostess with the Mostess }

This will be such a fun excuse to mix what we love the most about our favorite celebrations! I’m officially excited :)

Do you know about more 4th of July inspiration I should look at? Where you found your rehearsal dinner inspiration? Are you having a theme for this event?


  1. I think that's a really unique way of celebrating both cultures; I had no idea a Chilean independence celebration was so similar! What about including fireworks at the end of the night, too? Or let guests take home sparklers?

    (If you check out my blog, I have an award for you on there!)


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