October 31, 2009

088 – The flight to Mr. Poodle’s arms

I am not going to lie, this trip was not the easiest one I’ve done, there was so many emotions blend together. But unlike any other I was so calm and relax (I think I used my stress and anxiety quote of the month the last two weeks hehe)

Saying goodbye to my family was not easy either but the fact my mom said “We’ll see you before the wedding” made it easier for me :) But I was still a little worried about how Curly was going to take the flight – I did train him for the last two months so the 15 hours on his travel cage wont be such a shocking experience, but there’s no way I could fake the turbulence and altitude.

Once we landed in LAX the stress begin, first because I was really scared about all the stories I've read about how sometimes on immigrations they give an extra hard time to people that come on K1 visas, but I guess those were just isolated situations because I actually got treated really good, after he checked my papers he asked me how Mr. Poodle and I met, we chat for a little bit and I was officially welcomed to the United States YAY!!! :) with a reminder we should “be legal” before 3 months.

I started the wait (really long) and later hunt for my bags, after all I was surprised I didn't had any bigger problems with them, since each time I’ve come to California one of my bags gets lost or delay. I didn't have problems with the bags but once I tried to talk to people to know where I had to go pick Curly problems started!! First they were not sure where I was supposed to pick him up, my smile faded away and I started to change into “Bridezilla-with-a-lost-baby-dog-mood”. I think I talk with not only my airline people in charge but anyone I could even from other airlines to know where my dog was!!!  Almost 1:30hrs later the guy came with Curly – He was laying on his carrier enjoying the ride :) and I could breathe again!!

So after almost 2:30hrs I was allowed to go outside the terminal, I hardly walk pushing 3 suitcases and Curly’s carrier, to my surprise I couldn't find Mr. Poodle anywhere, I manage to push everything to a corner and look around to try to find a pay phone, because I was starting to worry, 15 minutes later there was still no Mr. Poodle, my eyes starting to water I was scared/nervous and I could not move to find the damn phone because Curly would star crying so loud!

Finally I head a “that’s a really cool carrier”, I turn and there was him! I was so pissed at the whole I-lost-my-Dog-thing plus the nervous 20 minutes without finding him that my eyes starter watering the moment I saw him, it was magical, the best hug EVA!!

So after we hug for looong time, he went to one knee and ask me if I will marry him :) – OMG! I was shocked – I knew he wanted to re-propose since we “become engaged” over phone. But I was not expecting that at the airport, I didn't even see all the people around us at that moment, my heart almost run away from my chest, it was even better than I could ever imagine. It took me a little to respond since he looked do darn cute, so after I saved the moment picture in my head I said “SI”

(How I wish I had pictures of that to show you!!)

Anyway we headed home and two hours later we were walking with Curly up the stair to our new home :)


Curly got to explore the yard and say Hola to our (kind of scary) neighbors

curly-exploring  {I guess doggy language is universal }

And even though I still have to deal with the explosion of clothes and wedding related items on our living room …


… The next day we got to go to LA and visit the beach :)


I still feel this is a dream, we are living alone with Curly and we get to say goodnight with a kiss instead of hanging the phone or singing out Skype :D


  1. :) I love happy ending posts! Congratulations on your "official" engagement - let's see pictures of that ring!

    I definitely know how stressful traveling (and the visa/immigration aspect) is of traveling/moving, but it sounds like you handled it all very well. I think we'll all understand if your blogging becomes a little less frequent for the next couple weeks. Enjoy your fiance!

  2. I'm so happy you two are finally together again! What a relief to read this post and know that you were able to travel without much difficulty! :)

  3. que bueno que ya stas con Mr. P! me imagino que debes estar super super feliz! felicidades :)

  4. Ahhh!! Joy!
    Soy Maria de VJ (Maria&Nick)
    No tuve oportunidad antes de escribirte ni ver tu blog, pero ahora que lo ví me llegó a emocionar.
    Que felicidaaad!!!
    Me alegro muucho que te hayas reencontrado con tu amor! Y que la llegada haya sido relativamente buena, inclusive con el problema de tu perrito que termino en final feliz. :D

    Te juro que haber leído todas tus peripecias me hace pensar que estos 2 meses que me quedan por esperar estar con mi amado Nick serán extremadamente largos! Así que a armarse de paciencia nomas!

    Joy, te deseo toda la suerte del mundo en lo que queda del proceso (AOS). Es probable que te moleste de nuevo con mis preguntas, jajaja, pero creo que el papeleo que te queda es más simple de lo que parece.

    Un abrazo y FELICITACIONES!


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