November 5, 2009

089 – For our loved ones

It’s been a week since Mr. Poodle and I finally were reunited, and we went from using Skype and the phone to say hola and buenas noches each day to saying it with a real hug and a kiss. It has being AMAZING!

But, we struggled again with the visa process. This time it was not our K1 Fiancé Visa, but my family’s. Since they were not able to start their process until our visa was accepted, we’ve now realized accepted the fact that the timing (for our January wedding) was just NOT going to work. And since we would have only been able to have a few of them with us at the wedding, we have decided we are going to move our wedding celebration date, so that way ALL of our Chilean guests (OK, all 4 of them) can be able to make it to our special day.

It sounds crazy to think we are going to change our wedding date just for 4 guests, right? But they are my special invitees (including Poodle Mom and Poodle BM Sister) and they mean the world to me. :)

After our talk, we decided the best month for us will be April, since it will be Mr. Poodle’s brother’s spring break (he is his best man). This will assure that the most important people in our lives will be able to make it.
We’ve faced different delays with our plans, and at this point we decided we were not going to fight it any more. It’s time to start planning for real, and while some things need to be changed, we do feel that everything will be for the best.

During our talk, we decided to focus on all the good things that can come from moving our wedding celebration date to April, so I could have a big smile on my face again!

  • We will have our loved ones by our sides
  • There will be better weather in April than in January (we hope)
  • We will have more time to complete the “oh so crazy” DIY list I put together… hehe
  • We will have time to send STDs!  (I was doing the happy dance for this one!)
  • And, I’ll have more time to BEE in the hive as a MISS! So you’ll see more of my crafting adventures!!!

After that list, the change in date did not sound so bad any longer. I finally felt relieved because having my family with me is my dream, and Mr. Poodle could not be any sweeter about it.

Changes can be really stressful, especially when we were just two and a half months away from our original wedding date. But at the same time, we now feel happy about it, ’cause our celebration will be all about having our loved ones with us. After all, that’s what weddings are all about… celebrating LOVE! <3

Have any of you faced an unexpected change in your wedding plans? Have you had to change your wedding date for any reason?

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  1. Good for you guys! I think a lot of people forget that even though it's "your day" (implying the couple), that the family is very much involved. I think it's honorable for you guys to move the date so family can be there on your special day!


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