November 30, 2009

Digging for gold

This past Thanksgiving was my very first dia de accion de gracias ever, and it was awesome! Not just because of the amount of food we ate (Yes! I am a big food lover) but because we celebrated this holiday at our wedding venue, aka Mr Poodle’s grandparents’ ranch. :)

We got to hang out with the family and cook loads of food, and we also got to take care of some logistics for the wedding.

The first thing on our list was to pick out our ceremony location. From the moment we decided the kind of chapel we wanted, we discussed different locations, keeping in mind how our guest will be getting there, because there’s a little creek between the main building and the fields we first picked for the ceremony. Thankfully, Mr Poodle’s dad came to the rescue with a perfect plan so we can use whatever place we want to. smile036 He rocks!

So, after driving the golf cart all over the ranch, we finally picked…


Earlier that day, Mr Poodle, Curly and I drove to the exact spot and tried (with a lot of imagination) to create a picture in our minds of how our ceremony site will look.


I know it is kind of hard to imagine now, because it’s basically a piece of land with nothing on it!
It felt so good to cross one of the things we had on our to-do list off! And we were ready to move on to the next one: our reception site!

The best place to get a visual of all of the potential sites was from above!


We talked about all the possible reception areas and what we could use, depending on the weather.
So, after choosing a plan A and a plan B reception site, we headed to a place I’ve been eyeing for long time.

As I shared before, the ranch was really different before the Big ’94 Fire. It was way greener and it had a beautiful wood barn; now it’s more desert-y and the wood barn was replaced with a metal one. All of the cars and big metal machines that were burned in that fire were piled on the road to the fields, and even though it is definitely not a playground area, it could be a really cool area for a session of pics.


We also thought about using the old houses, the caboose, or the wagon for some cool pics, so we definitely have to talk to our photographers to see what could have more potential.


We felt really good about all the planning we did that day, so it was time for us to go and have pure childish fun and to relax!


We jumped on the trampoline like we were 7-year-old kids again. It was SO MUCH FUN and the perfect way to release all of our wedding planning tension.
I got the chance to play around with FMIL B while we set up the camera…


… to take family pictures while the turkey was being cooked!


It was definitely a very cool first Thanksgiving!


It was pretty hard to get a visual of the reception and ceremony site, especially because we will be the first ones to do something like that on Mr. Poodle’s grandparents’ ranch. Years ago Mr. Poodle’s aunt and uncle had a second wedding celebration there, since they got married far away from most of their family. But, the celebration was outside of the barn that burned down. The place is so different now, so our imaginations  had to do most of the work.

I know there are a lot of brides that do not have the opportunity to see their venues “dressed up” for celebrations. What are you doing to get a better picture of how you want your venue to look for your wedding? I thought about Photoshopping a montage with pictures, but maybe you all have other ideas

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