December 1, 2009

Miss Poodle's Fabric Flower Tutorial

Remember my beach wedding dress? Well, on that post different readers asked me to show how I made the flowers I used to make it prettier.

So, because I want to share that with all of you, here it is my little tutorial:

You will need:

  • The fabric of your choice
  • Needle and yarn
  • Cissors
  • Beads or buttons for the center

First you need to cut squares or fabric, the size of the squares will be double the diameter of the final flower.
On my case I am making 3 different sizes, I cut a 5.5", a 4" and 3,5" inches.

The first step is to fold the fabric in half.

Then folded again, and make a square, carefully grab the fabric and cut one of the edges into a smooth curve.

After cutting this is what your piece should look like, unfold it and you'll have a perfect (or not so perfect like in my case) fabric circle.

Facing the pretty side of the fabric, you'll need to make big stitches all the way around.

Keep sewing really loosely around it.

and when you finish you'll have something that looks like a bag.

Slowly tie the end and start of the yarn, once your close to finish, push the edge of the fabric inside.

Once all the edges are inside finish the flower with a tight knot.

For the center I used some small beads I happened to have around in a tourqueis color.

You can play with them and make different layers, like this one I made with two of them.

or even with 3 of them,  I sew them together before I make the center just  to assure they were well attached.

At first I planned on using different beads for the center or buttons, but the small beads was what i liked the most on that moment.

You can experiment an play with things to attach on the center, the cool thing is that they are really easy to make and you dont need much material either so you can make lots of trials until you find what you like the most :)

Long time ago I made headbands with this flowers but they are perfect to make pretty details on sash, dresses, purses, shoe clips etc... the options are endless!

Hope you like it and remember to show me if you attempt to make them, that always makes me smile :)

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