December 29, 2009

Our wood projects

Have officially STARTED!

Last week Groomsman Will invited us over to his place because he had tons of wood that he wanted to split (for us and himself) to use as fire wood and also (by my previous request) Wedding Crafts!!!

So I carefully pick all of the pieces I thought could help for some of the many wood-related projects I have in mind, they tried to teach me how to split wood the old way, as you can see:

poodles-play  { Mr Poodle didn't know what was coming! muaaah ha ha ha! }

Don't worry! I could never hurt Mr Poodle (Well not on purpose, I'm good at poking him with my hairpieces but that’s it!)


Groomsman William had tons of pieces for me to pick! And on top of that Mr. Poodle’s Dad told us that he needs to get rid of a tree on his yard so we could use that too!!

I am so excited! I was worried about were we going to get all the wood I wanted because even though we live right next to the Forest, we would never cut a whole tree just because of wedding projects.

Anyway, next day with all of the wood on our garage. we got to work!


We cut all the pieces I’ll be using as carved labels for our Buffet of Sweets. I know it’s hard to picture those pieces of wood in a cute way with pizza and Ice Tea on the background but just wait until I finish! I promise they will definitely look prettier! There’s still some massive carving sanding and finishing to do!

After that Mr Poodle moved to the next task for the day. Table Numbers!! Last time we were on Mr P Grandparent's ranch we picked some really old pieces I thought could work, I draw the numbers and Mr Poodle Proceed to cut :)



After that he sanded the edges a little bit, I really wanted the rustic not so prefect look on the number and I loved the result, but I wont be showing you how it looks until we finish the support for our numbers :)

Cutting the numbers on such an old wood was not easy because some of them had cracks and just broke while cutting, so as you can see Mr. Poodle had to find something to release his frustration.


But don't worry He would never hurt him either :P


Here’s the proof that Curly did survive :)

Any of you are working won wood-related projects for your wedding? Were are you getting your wood?

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