December 9, 2009

Confessions of a stalker bride

Yes! I am a stalker. Right after we got engaged, and decided our colors I started stalking photography websites.

I started searching for ideas and soon got hooked up with a few awesome photographers. A couple of clicks and I ran into this wedding:

ejew_13 ejew_08 ejew_34

ejew_47 { Image Source for all the above }

I was drooling! The COLORS, the dress (it does look a little bit like mine), the lights! (I so wish we had bid trees at Mr. Poodles GP’s place, because I absolutely love that last picture! So I added Next Exit Photography on my reader right away!

I felt in love with their pictures and the fact that they had shot more than one purple wedding:

ebww_21 { Image Source }

kjaw_18 { Image Source }

ebww_013 { Image Source }

So yeah! I stalk their blog and website way before they become our photographers (I was a little obsessed because they have a lot of purple material on their weddings). So the day that we found out they will be shooting ours, I felt like we were being rewarded for all the struggle and hard times we had to face in order to have the wedding of our dreams. I’ve always dreamed with awesome photography for our Wedding Day and Yes! even though we are blessed with talented friends, they are actually in the wedding party that for they could not take pictures.

So after a few Emails we could not wait to meet them, and arrange our Engagement Session :) But well, none of that could happen (back then), because we were still waiting for our Visa to be approved.

Now, months had pass, we got our meeting and we will be having our engagement session next week! We could not be more excited! *happy dance* But who could not be excited after seeing some of this engagement pics?

djd_07 sise_09 scbe_03 {Images Source }


Has any of you stalk your vendors even before knowing they were going to be at your wedding?


  1. I can't wait to see your engagement pictures - they're going to look fantastic! My photographer sucks at updating her blog/website, but that doesn't keep me from checking it every day!

  2. That purple with the white is so juicy!
    I love it!


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