December 16, 2009

and the search is officially over!

YES! today after five months of search I got this on the mail:


If you remember, months a go I shared my idea (actually my dream) of wearing purple cowgirl boots the day of my wedding, well on that post I got a lot of help from readers sharing places and brands I could search, but it was hard! mainly because of two reasons: price and look. I found some that were really close to what I wanted, but out of my budget. and the ones that were on my budget, were too busy on the design and color.

For months I searched, every single week for purple western boots on the vintage section over at Etsy and Ebay, and after all this time finally I found this vintage boots for only $20.00 :)

As soon as I got them I took my shoes off to try this beauties! they fit perfectly but I definitely have to wear them off because they are kind of hard. They do need a deep clean, but that’s it! I'm so excited!


After i got my boots I rush to our back yard to take pictures of my purple shoes, the ones I bought long long time a go.


I have thought about making some kind of flower to pin on the front of the shoes but I guess I have to see how it looks.

For now I'm so happy about my purple babies!



Has any of you found their wedding shoes on Ebay?

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  1. How exciting! Those shoes and boots are HOT! I love them. How fun and unique. And what a find on ebay! I got my shoes in the local Nordstrom's on clearance but I have bought some stuff from ebay before. Looks like you scored!


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