December 28, 2009

Poodle’s Guest Book – Help!

The first time I saw this guestbook over at Classic Bride Blog, I fell in love with the Tree Guest Book with thumb prints idea! How cool would it be to have such a personal stamp from every one of our guest!

Later while buzzing around on the boards, I saw that one of the hive members, Roddy Bride (one of my first “blog friends”), was actually planning on doing this, too! I could not wait to see her finished product! I was so excited when she finally shared her guestbook. :)  It’s so AWESOME!
They painted their tree on a canvas and the look is so pretty
 Guestbook { Image Source }

So inspired by the pictures above I decided to draw my our wedding tree version :)

I opened my sooo loved Illustrator program and got to work, I draw as many leafs as I could on our tree so each guest can have space to place their print, since we still don't know how many guest we will end up having I just draw 190 leafs and then I added some more so I lost count, I hope we don't have more than those guest LOL

I wanted to be very personalized that’s why I draw our names on the branches, I love the result!

I showed my progress of the drawing to MOH (She’s staying with us for a few weeks YAY!) and she laugh at me because she said it was kind of funny looking :P  - But that’s Ok, she always said I’m funny looking too… so I know she liked it!

So this is the finish version, but I need to replace the leafs by our guest thumbs prints.


I also personalized it with our wedding date :) I’m such a sucker for carved stuff!! – But don't worry I don't carve anything on lived trees, just on pieces of wood or computer drawings… hehe


But in order to get our tree to look all full of leafs, we need our guest to know where to place  their thumbs and to guide them, I thought about leaving a slight shade of green on the leafs so our guest can see exactly where to place their print, But I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

I'm searching for a cool BIG vintage frame to use with it and I’ll be printing a big canvas, so don’t worry about the size of the images I posted, I think the real one will be about 20” x 25” or maybe bigger.

I am planning on getting a sign with directions and surface so our guest can practice before they print their thumbs. but I'm still not sure what option will be the best. So here I come to you asking for help!

Option A: No leafs at all just the branches. So they can place their print the way they want.


Option B: Leafs with a 20% opacity, so the guest can see them as a little guide and place the “thumbs” on top of them, but not strong enough to be really noticeable.


What do you think is the best option?

  • Option A

  • Option B

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  1. Well, it looks nice with the 20% leaves, but I think for the finished product (once guests put their thumbprints) it will look better if you just leave the tree bare so you JUST see the thumbprints and not the leaves.
    I LOVE the way you made your names out of the branches! Very cute!


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