December 6, 2009

The Poodle’s Save-the-date Postcards

Remember when I shared the positive side of having our wedding postponed until April? Well, one of the positive things was that we were going to have time to make Save the Dates!!!

I have to confess that ever since I discovered what STD meant, I’ve been obsessed with making and sending our own. Thanks to the fact that we do have time now to send them, I can show you all our labor of love:

We used one of the pictures Groomsman Scott shot before our Legal ceremony for the front of our postcards, but we were not sure what we wanted for the back.

Ever since I saw this picture:

I’ve loved the idea of making the postcards a little more fun than just the normal plain back, so after a brainstorming session with Mr. Poodle, he came up with the perfect idea for our STDs! We were going to make little pieces of cardboard and attach them to the back with a sticker, so our guests could peel the sticker off, bend the cardboard, and made the postcard stand up. :)

At first I really wanted to have magnets on a little cute envelope like Martha’s image, but Mr. Poodle convinced me that this idea was more original and of course, a LOT more budget friendly.

So, I designed the back of our Save the dates with the space for us to attach the piece of cardboard and the instructions for our guests to know what was on the back of their postcards.


After we got the postcards in the mail, FMIL figured out that there was a little grammatical error in the instructions, but after almost crying over it, I got over it and figured that if four of our friends that read them before we sent them to print didn’t notice it, it was not going to be such a huge deal.

After getting over that little detail we went to Michaels and bought our supplies. We made a template of the piece we needed to cut to make the postcards stand, and got to work.


Our grey and purple template! :P since we decided to go with our Legal Ceremony’s colors for our Save the Date, I HAD to have something with purple on it!

We used sheets of double sided glue paper to attach the pieces of cardboard and to make the stickers. Here’s Mr. Poodle cutting the strips we needed. I love the way he’s my perfect crafty-project partner. :)

So, after a couple hours of hard work, we finishd and glued the 135 stands for the postcards! Yay!


We bought a little puncher on sale at Michaels for 99 cents that was the exact size I wanted for the stickers.

So, we printed them on a normal paper, and then glued them to one of the sides of the double sided glue sheet of paper. (I managed to fit 140 stickers on there. biggrin05 That felt like a huge success!)


After that, I punched the stickers by following the lines I already drew in my file. While I did that, Mr. Poodle finished assembling the final product.


Teamwork was the key!


and TA DA! our STD were ready to be Addressed and sent away!


Here our final product :)


An example of our postcards standing up


We felt so proud of our teamwork! So, now we are ready to face the invitation process with smiles on our faces, and hopefully more hands than just the two of ours. :)

So, the two main things we learned from this project were:
  • Check spelling and grammar, double check spelling and grammar, triple check spelling and grammar, and just in case, we should have had more than just four people checking our spelling and grammar!
  • Doing 130 of the exact same thing is not fun after making the first 50. So, to work better, we needed to rotate tasks, take lots of breaks, watch something while we were working, and have yummy snacks close to us. biggrin05
Did you work on your STDs with your fiance? What did you do to make the teamwork really work?


  1. So clever, and what a great twist on the traditional STD postcard! My fiance and I were a part for the making of our save the dates, but he's hopefully going to help me finish making our invitations.

  2. I love these! What an ingenious idea! :)

    We'll be working on ours together, he just might not be aware of it yet. :p

  3. Those look beautiful! You guys are lucky to have found someone who is willing to do that kind of detail work. I wish I could, but it's too much for one persn and my hubby to be isnt that crafty, too bad. I will probably buy some off when the time comes.


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