November 14, 2009

The Poodles make it legal: Unexpected gifts

The day after I finish my dress for our legal ceremony, I went for the first time to Michael's witch was pretty awesome, I got all of the supplies I needed for the project I had in mind to give our guest at our legal ceremony (Stay tune because that’s my next post).

That same day Mr. Poodle and I decided to invite his family for Dinner at our house for the first time. It was funny because we don't really have a lot of things on our kitchen, we definitely didn't have a big enough pot to cook the 9 of us, so we had to ask FMIL to borrow several things.

Once the family started to arrive, we notice TONS of gifts! - Mr. Poodle's aunt and uncle decided to give us our wedding presents now, because they know we don't really have stuff on our kitchen and they didn't wanted us to wait until the actual wedding.

We thought it was really sweet of them and of course pretty awesome for us! because now we have pots, real glasses ( we had just red plastic ones :P ) and lots of goodies to bake and cook.

After I saw the pictures FMIL took I realize we make the goofiest faces when we are excited, I’m scared about our ceremony pictures now - LOL

And since this time we didn't needed the ribbons to make a rehearsal bouquet, Curly got to dress up on pretty ribbon :D

We could not be happier with all of the surprise presents :D So thank you Glasseys!

Right after we finish the amazing Corn Beef and Cabbage Mr Poodle cooked for all of us, our friend and Minister came to visit, so we could read our ceremony and make the changes we wanted. We didn't change anything because it sounded awesome!

We make sure no one else read it, even though FMIL was playing paparazzi!

I know our surprise face is not the best :P

This was an awesome day, we had so much fun hosting dinner for the first time!  and now that we have more kitchen goodies, we can’t wait to start having our friends over too.

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