November 12, 2009

The Poodles make it legal: The dress

Some time a go I asked you all help on deciding inspiration for my dress, but at the end I only made the dress for our E-Pics, things got really crazy with the move so I couldn't even start the dress I had planned for this occasion.

So because my first attempt of finding a budget-friendly-casual-beach-wedding-dress from a stores I was not successful at all, I told Mr Poodle I could just get a plain dress and transform it. We head over to Sears and found a long turquoise dress at $9,99 - That's an awesome price to me hehe!

So this is the dress we bought


…and the transformation began! I first cut it to the length I wanted, take the necklace kind of straps and cut two stripes out of the leftovers to add at the bottom.


and as usual, while I cut and hand sew, Curly slept like a baby!


After I pinned and sew the bottom ruffles, I cut different sizes of circles to make fabric flowers


I made 3 different sizes of flowers and played with them on the top of the dress until I was happy with the way they look.


I sew the new straps, the flowers and little beads to the center of the flowers and TA DA! the dress was ready!!


Here a little close up to the flowers :)


and the final pic!


I'm really happy with the way it looks now! So one thing out of the list for our legal ceremony!

next up on The Poodles make it legal – Gifts and ceremony preparations!

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  1. Wow. I seriously wished your FI lived in NYC and that's where you moved bc I would hire you to make my wedding dress in half a heartbeat!!! You are so completely awesome!!!

  2. WOW! I second Sweet Tooth, you really are amazing.

    Can you make me some clothes or teach me :)

  3. Wow. You are absolutely amazing, right? What's your day job again? Because if it has nothing to do with creating clothing, it should! fantastic...

  4. PS: Because I LOVE your blog and all your amazing projects, I left a little goodie on my blog for ya.

  5. amazing!! te pregunté esto en WB, pero tienes una máquina de coser en Cali? o hiciste todo esto a mano??
    and again, you're amazing!!

  6. Wow! And Wow again! That looks gorgeous!!

  7. how do u make those fabric flowers?? i LOVE the new dress btw!


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