November 5, 2009

090 – Remember my handmade wedding dress?

Well, I don't think you can, because I forgot to show you pictures of the dress when I finish it a few days before I came to CA. So I’m sorry and the history begins like this…

One day in a Closet far far away a Poodle bride wanted to take pictures of her perfect wedding dress.


(If you are not a male Poodle you can keep on reading the rest of the story after the jump ;) )

Ok maybe was not a closet far far away it was actually FMIL’s closet, B let me store the dress there so that way the dress will be as far as possible from Mr. Poodle’s eyes.

And today I went there so I can show you all my labor of love :)

After I unpacked my dress off the wedding dress pillow, the crinoline looked like a big mess, but since I wanted to wash it anyways the winkles wont be a problem, the good thing is that the dress did not suffer of this and after staying on FMIL’s closet for a few days it looked like nothing ever happen to it.

Want to see?

Here it is!

poodledress3 { Front View }



poodledress7   { Close up of the Crochet endings Mom Poodle and I did }


poodledress9{ Back View }

poodledress10{ Close up of the top back }

poodledress11{ Hand sew button details }

Previously on my handmade dress saga:

I am so happy with my dress and I can’t wait to have a sewing machine again so I can finish the sash and bolero I already cut while I was still down in Chile.

Want to see how I made my own wedding dress? Stay tuned because you’ll get to see the behind the scenes :P


  1. ohhhhhhh esta precioso!!!
    it has so many lovely details and i can't wait to see it on you!

    p.s. i still cannot believe you made it!

  2. Joy - what a gorgeous dress! You are so talented!

    I, too, am so excited to see pictures of it on you, with the sash and the bolero! You're going to look so beautiful!

  3. ahhh! It looks wonderful!
    I bet it has even more meaning because you made it yourself.
    Nice! :D

  4. WOW, I canNOT believe you made that yourself - its a DREAM!!!! I love love love it Joy. Just amazing. You continue to blow my mind over and over :)


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