November 16, 2009

The Poodles make it legal: Crafting and more crafting

With just two days until our legal ceremony, I had the (last minute) great idea of making leis for all 16 of our guests. My love for origami shined when we decided the kind of leis we would be making. It was kind of crazy to fold all of those origami flowers by myself so I asked for help from Bridesmaid K, since we were going to have dinner at her place anyway. So, I packed all my supplies and hoped she would help us.


{ Bridesmaid K, Groomsman W, Mr. Poodle, and in the far back Groomsman S }

Luckily, they all helped us! So we spent a few hours folding, drinking wine, and eating homemade ravioli.


I was really excited and even thought we could finish all of them that day, but Groomsman S invited us on a hike to the Hot Springs after dinner, and instead of folding, this is what we did:


It was a long hike, but totally worth it, because I knew we still had time to fold the next day.

But that morning, Mr. Poodle and Groomsman S went down the hill for a golf game, and what was supposedly going to be a couple of hours ended up being almost all day. sad04 I folded like a crazy woman because I didn’t want to give up on the idea of giving something to the people attending our legal ceremony, especially because it was to be an intimate ceremony with close family only.

I am so happy that after all of their “Bachelor” celebrations, Mr. Poodle’s friends came to our house and helped me and Bridesmaid K finish all of the origami flowers for the leis.


I think I’m even more thankful because by the time we finished it was 4:00 AM, and we had to get up early to travel down to the beach. We assembled them while we were in the car on the way to the beach, so it was a very last minute project! Thank you to my friends for slaving over the cute origami leis!


Another project we didn’t contemplate until the last minute was my bouquet. My FMIL and I went to a store the week before the wedding and asked for a simple small white rose bouquet, and the price was pretty scary: $90.00!

So, I forgot abut it for a while, and on our way to the beach I asked Mr. Poodle to stop at Stater Brothers. We ran inside and bought white roses at $9.99. That’s the kind of price I like!
I already had ribbon, pins and scissors in the truck, and after a few minutes and this mess…


I had my last minute white bouquet!


While I finished the bouquet, Bridesmaid K was working on assembling the leis. It was actually really funny that while Mr. Poodle drove, K and I were crafting as fast as we could!


A happy face after completing all of the leis!


After I finished my bouquet, I asked Mr. Poodle if he would like to wear a bout, and since he said yes, I crafted a really fast bout with the leftovers from the leis!


TA DA! We were ready for our legal ceremony!!!


We were really excited, and to my surprise I was really relaxed. Maybe it is good to craft up until a half hour before your wedding? NO! I’m just kidding! Please don’t try this. I now know that I don’t ever want to craft up until the last minute, EVER!

Stay tuned, because in the next post, we are going to be on the beach!

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  1. it sounds stressful, but i bet all that crafting was worth it! can't wait to see the next post!


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