November 12, 2009

The Poodles make it legal: The plan

Because of our K1 Visa, we need to be legally married within 3 months of me entering the country. We decided we wanted to do that as soon as possible so that we could move on to the next step of our Immigration Process AOS (Adjustment of Status).

The idea was to go to a courthouse with a few family members and sign all the papers, just like Miss Doxie did. But in our first week together, we decided to change our plans (we made lots of changes that week).
During one of our dinner talks with the Future in Laws, FMIL B came up with a really cool idea. Since we already decided earlier that a really close family friend was going to officiate our legal ceremony, our ceremony could take place pretty much anywhere. B asked, “Why don’t you guys get married at the beach?”

We were sold!!!

We planned it so everyone we wanted to be there could make it, and we set the date. But, we only had 7 days to plan our legal ceremony. It was going to be crazy, I could feel it!

The next day, Mr Poodle and I went down to the coast and drove around looking for the perfect place.

Mr. Poodle drove I snapped pictures.

After deciding where we wanted it to take place, we headed over to this really cool old building:

It’s the Orange County courthouse, where we got our marriage license. YAAY! We were so excited that I forgot to take pictures of us with the license, so once we were back in the truck, I snapped a quick shot.


While we drove back home, we started talking about how nervous we were while signing the license, but neither of us looked nervous at that moment. This is how Mr Poodle was feeling on the inside:

He’s so goofy!!

Once back at home, we started making calls since we didn’t have time to send invitations (bummer). But it’s OK, as we’ll get to make Save the Dates for our April nuptials!smile031

Stay tuned, because it is all just beginning!

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