August 19, 2009

066 - Crinoline - The evolution

Ok maybe evolution is too much of a word for the change I made to my crinoline, But sounds so cool!

Remember when I showed you all my crinoline? Well after I look at some pictures I decided I wanted to spice thing a little bit, like this.

{ Image Source (Link) }

but dyeing it was not really an option to me, because even tho I love the way it looks, I don't want everything purple, I want white and purple. But re-doing the crinoline was not an option to achieve my desire look, so I opted for ADDING!

Yes! puffier!!! :) I know I'm possibly going to end up looking like a marshmallow, but I'll take the chance - I have a feeling it will end up looking cool - or else I'll be always remember as the white with little purple details marshmallow bride :P (Crossing finger big time at this moment)

So I ran to my "fabric supplies heaven" and got 40 feet of purple tulle at $9,60 oh! yes! (Told you! heaven fabric place!) Once home I cut long pieces matching all the height of my white layers and sew them together.

{ Mom Poodle is not really good at taking pictures lol - eyes closed!
and she said it was a perfect picture }

{ I had tulle everywhere, so by the time I started sewing my baby Poodle (Curly ) thought the crinoline was a tend for him to play at}

{ This is how my crinoline ended up looking }

I'm much happier now :) because I can surprise with a little bit of color under my dress. I just can't get away from color, specially purple! I love it so much!

Are you attempting to add color to your dress? if so, what's your plan?


  1. Oh, so pretty! And you know what, if it turns out to be a little puffier than you wanted it, you could start cutting out layers.

    You've pretty much inspired me to work on sewing - in fact, my mom just got her sewing machine out, so I may start trying my hand at it!

    I originally wanted a colored-crinoline, but that was before I found my dress. For some reason it doesn't seem like it would work with the gown I picked out. I decided to add color in the form of pink shoes!

  2. Great job - and the purple is way more vibrant than most dyes would have made it anyway! Its going to look fabulous!

  3. Thank you so much!! and Jessica I am SO HAPPY I got to inspire you to sew!! :)


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