June 12, 2009

037 - Rustic flavor

Another Etsy seller to love! (Link) As usual Esty is a never ending ocean of gorgeous ideas for projects or just finds for the wedding. I don't really know how many favorites sellers I have there but Gosh!! every time I run into this cute finds I droll over the keyboard.

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I'm so in love with this little nest, I wasn't thinking on having something to hold our rings, just because I don't know who's job that's going to be, but maybe I can add this cute little nest to my, so far kind of long, DIY list :) Have you seen the cute and easy nest that Mrs. Expresso posted here ?

{ Image Source (Link) }

And how about a basket to match!! I'm in love with it, but since I don't have a flower girl, I might just make it to go jump around the house with this on a green little dress lol

where are you putting your rings for the ceremony?

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