May 20, 2009

018 - Would you purple my feet?

Not many of you know, but a week after Mr. Poodle and I "become engaged" I found some cute little purple shoes with a huge discount 60% off!! and bought them!!! They are really close to this ones.

{ Image source (link) with photoshop color change }

But I also drooled over this others at that time:

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

But just now we know our wedding will be in January! Um - Winter! And let me tell you I can handle being light on clothes so the top part of my dress can show off BUT I just cant handle my feet being cold. Its a HUGE deal to me, if I have my feel cold I get cranky, so of course I don't want that mood on my wedding day :)

{ Image Source (Link) }

I feel tempted all over again, and I've been thinking about confy boots, PURPLE boots!! Ohh my! I love eastern boots! So my search for the perfect purple boots began :)

Sadly I'm having such a hard time trying to find cute cowboy boots in color, so far this is all I could find :(

{ Image Source (Link) }

I know I still have 6 months to search around but I wish I could have them NOW! he he

{ Image Source Knottie bio (Link) }

Have you changed you mind about something you already bought for your wedding?? and want something completely different?

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  1. Hermanaa!! jejeje pucha que lesiaremos para encontrar botas moradas UFF tu y tu obsecion con ese color!! si hubieras elegido cafe seria todo tan facil jejejejje aunqe no tan lindo :P TE AMO!!


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