May 19, 2009

017 - Woman on TOP

I'm not talking about Penelope Cruz´s movie, even though I really like it! and I wish I could cook like her :) - I'm talking cake topper!!!

Mr. Poodle is a very good climber and I love to go climbing with him every chance we have - notice I didn't mention I was good at it!! :P Because - well I'm not - Um yet!

So after i told him that I thought it would be so cool to have climbers on our cake, The fist thing he said was "ohh can I be climbing the cake and you helping me out" - Me : Of course!!

So down to search for the perfect climbers pose! and here the one I like the most, the girl will be on top of the cake holding a rope and the boy will be climbing his way up. (Go Mr.Poodle! you can make it!) Now my inspiration images:

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

First attempt:

The first figurines tryout was using clay, but not the same kind I'm using for the flowers. This was the normal cheap one.

{The first attempt of climbers}

Can you see the huge head Mr. Poodle had, well it was supposed to be a helmet lol. But after I baked the figurines, I didn't like what I saw, there were all full of small cracks :( - What a bummer - So I rescue the wire body and start all over again from scratch.

First attempt end result: NOT GOOD - end up on figurines self destruction hehe

Second attempt:

This time I wanted a harder material that didn´t needed the dry process, I went back to my collage years and used the good old "masilla magica" - this "magic" wonder is used to fix cars here, it's really light, hard once it's dry and it gives enough time to mold, but if you rather you can carv it (that's what i like)

I keep the old figurines structures and started to play with them again, I haven't had much time to finish but this is what I have so far, of course there's a bunch of details I have to finish before I move to the fun painting part :)

{ Come on Mr. Poodle keep climbing! }

Second attempt end result: Still wondering, Will this be it?

I'm having troubles with the faces, because I wanted something more "real looking" doll face like kind of like this, but not "barbie and ken" - Miss and Mr. Poodle intead :)

{ Image Source (Link) }

Or something like this kind of faces

{ Image Source (Link) }

But I'm having such a hard time because I'm not good at recreating our faces really good, so I though about having the figurines faceless, like in this other pictures :

{ Image Source (Link) }

I still can't decide but I think that if I'm not happy with the way the faces are turning it will be better to with the last "face" option.

I'm really pleaced with the way the bodies look and I don't want to start all over again for the 3rd time! (Ohh noo) ... This story will be continued!

What kind of cake topper are you using for your wedding cake? are you DIY yours?

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