May 11, 2010

Poodle Projects: Boutonnieres and Brooches

As I shared earlier on our planning, I had a hard time with boutonnieres because Mr. Poodle didn't wanted flowers at all ( That was what he told me over the phone)

So I researched for inspiration and found some cute clover ideas (He asked me to incorporate clovers on our wedding in honor to his Irish background), after just a little I was sold with the idea of making fabric clovers for the guys, I got all my supplies and before I got to work I told Mr. Poodle how hard it was to get inspiration that didn't have any flowers. He laugh and told me he was just kidding and he would wear whatever I wanted! -- What? Umm, Yeah I guess it was harder for me to figure when he was teasing me over the phone :)


So here it is: The Poodles non floral boutonnieres :) To make them I got green satin fabric, a few sticks and some tiny pinecones one of MIL’s friend found while walking around the lake.


I folded the fabric an made all of the clovers hot gluing them together


after that i attached the little sticks and mini pine cones


I added a piece of green felt and a brooch pin to the back so it was going to be easier for them to put it on


for presentation I printed on Kraft paper that I cut to the proper size, folded and glue together with a little message for each one of our family members.


and TA-DA! the boutonnieres were ready to be handed at our rehearsal dinner, I put a little ribbon on the top so they could hang it with their shirts :)


I also made flower brooches for all the ladies, I used left over from my purple satin bolero and purple tulle from my dress, added some lavender beads and a piece of felt with the brooch pin.


I also printed a sheet for them and punched the bottom =) just to make it more girly!


Here all of them ready on a basket! I made 10 of each :)


I was very happy because the purple flowers matched everyone's outfit so good, I was a little worried at first because I didn't know the colors they were wearing, so maybe purple would have not look good for some and I really wanted them to wear it, but Everyone LOVED their flowers and boutonniere! YAY

Are you considering non floral boutonnieres? what are your choices?

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  1. I love the pruple brooches. How did you get the satin petals to curl like that? And how did you prevent the edges from fraying? Did you burn the edges?


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