May 11, 2010

Poodle Projects: Bridesmaids dresses!

When I was still in Chile I finish 2 (MOH and sister) of the 4 dresses for the bridesmaids, so with half the work done I didn't feel so pressure with this particular task, but with only 2 weeks until the wedding I realize I should have started way earlier!!

At this time I wasn't even done with my wedding dress transformation and I was starting to worry :( So I call my bridesmaids so we could do a super fast dress making session).

I started drawing patterns for the 2 different tops, and try them on my girls. and after their approval I cut the fabric and started the assembling =)

dress1Poodle-maid Candy’s Dress

dress3 Poodle-maid Kim’s Dress


I liked the fact that every dress is different but at the same time it woudl have being easier to sew the same dress 4 times, ohh well!

As you can see I was not very happy finishing, I only wanted the dress to be done! hehe


So I made flowers for every girl to either put on their sashes or on the dress. And the last two decided they wanted them on their dresses =)



Here’s the dress all done and Momma Poodle helping Candy get ready!


And here’s Poodle-maid Kim all ready on hers, for the flower girl i decided to just buy a Target white dress and add a Purple tutu with a sash and a big flower. So much easier on me!


So there you go, with a lot of pain but I finally finish them all!, and if i had to do all over again I would have done the dresses as soon as I could, and not left that task for the last minute, but I would have not change the fact that everyone was different, I loved that!

Are you having mismatch dresses for your bridesmaids?

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  1. Hi! I am in're so talented! You should share your sewing patterns on this site. I'm sure your devoted readers would appreciate :)


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