May 13, 2010

Poodle Projects: A little keepsake of the day

While brainstorming with FIL about what we should do with the top of the door on our outdoor chapel, he came up with the idea of hanging one of the windows right above the French doors, I loved the idea!! he suggested that maybe we can paint the window and keep it on my office as a keepsake of the day!! He really got me with that one!

I asked one of MIL’s friend that is a great glass artist to paint it for me and she was very very happy to help us, but sadly she got really sick so I came up with a backup plan and I made a template and painted our window with MARKERS! :)

painted window

I know it’s not very lasting, because we tested the markers on a piece of glass, and after 2 days with direct contact with the sun it fades to the pint you never new it was there.

So We decided we were going to hang it just a few hours before the wedding and cover it with a protective layer.

And to make it I printed a template and place it behind the window (After it was done I realize I should have printed the template backwards and painted on the inside) – You live, you learn!


I tried to mark the letters as detail as possible but the template was not against the glass so from the sides it look like I was not accurate at all, but from the front view it looked good


Slowly moved to all the rest


Mr. Poodle snapped a picture of me taking the template off (Kind of foggy lol)


And here it is!


Some details:



I love the way it ended up looking! Now for the purpose of having it on my Office we have to send it in and MIL’s friend will re-paint on the back with real glass paint, so it will last longer :)

Are you making something as a keepsake of your wedding day? What to share?

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