May 4, 2010

Poodle Projects: Wood wood!

*We are now back from our honeymoon so I can keep on with the projects and then RECAPS! :)

wood13{Image by awesome Mrs. Sprinkle }

I love wood, I have always loved it! and Mr. Poodle too, so we wanted a lot of it on our wedding day, but since I don't have power tools now, I had to ask for help to my FIL, I draw all the shapes and he cut them for me :)


Our one piece Joy and Ken <3


Our second batch of table numbers, since we only made 9 of the others, and we needed way more and the old wood was cracking.




Mr. Poodle’s dad cutting our names, he made it look SO easy! like cutting butter :)


Our table number cut and ready for sand!


All ready!! FIL wanted to varnish them  but I love the soft color :)


He also helped me cutting the circles for the 2 sweets tower I wanted, we finish them with pieces of wood and a birdhouse top!



An one of the projects i loved the most! our tree rounds! we used those for our tables and for some sweets on our desert buffet!


Again FIL working on sanding the tops.


This time he did varnish them and I totally loved the shiny look!



A close up!


And here you can see the huge ones we got for the cake and both sides of our sweet buffet table. ohh and Curly of course :)


are you using wood as part of your wedding decor?

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