May 14, 2010

Poodle Projects: Could you just FINISH that dress?

… That was what everyone told me the week before the wedding--- yeah! I knew, I needed to finish my dress :)

As I shared before, because of my little boobilicious problem, I decided to tear my dress apart and make it a little more comfortable. After all I was planning on dancing until sunrise :)


This is how my dress look like for a week!

Yeah, that’s just the bottom! I cut the top part and higher the waits cut, so that way I could actually breath! and just with that little change I feel so much comfortable!


I added some more crochet to the top and the bottom edge so my boobs could be a little bit more cover :)


And I was ready for my final fitting! For this I was not wearing the underskirts because it was under cleaning process.


It was also time to decide what kind of sash I was going to wear, because I love sashes! I tried the tied on the front, with long and short ends, but it just didn't look right to me.


I liked the idea of having a simple sash and maybe a flower :)


Even though the main problem was solve my two friends were still kind of exposed, but I decided I was just going to alter the bra a little bit so it fit them better.


And while I was all excited trying my wedding dress, Curly was passed out on the floor! and I though he was going to be excited to see his Mom getting ready for the wedding hehe.

For the sash I decided to make a Velcro on the ends kind, and cover it with a satin flower


I found a vintage button with little shines! it was the perfect accent for my sash! :) Thanks to Mr. Poodle’s aunt that give me a huge jar with TONS of buttons.


So it took me longer than i though to finally finish my dress, but it was better because that way I made sure it fit me comfortable :)

How long before your wedding you had your last fitting?

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