April 20, 2009

010 - Hold our cake please?

I haven't been able to search for a lot of ideas lately, until today :), I saw this cuteeee cake stand posted on Once wed (Link) that I showed Mr. poodle right away; he loved it!! and he actually wants to make one for us, so yaaayy!! I´m checking that out of my list and typing it into his hehe (evil smile)

{Image Source (Link) }

The cool thing, it even has a tutorial (Link) That I -really fast- emailed to Mr. Poodle :) even tho I know there's no need for it, because he already said "Baby don't worry that's a piece of cake". I'm so excited to see how our cake stand ends up looking :)

So is your Mr. helping you with DIY projects? If so - are you just giving him the "easiest" ones? Or he get's to pick what he does?

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