April 17, 2009

006 - Folding Madness!!

I already share with the hive my obsession about using every single piece of purple paper I've gather thought the years for our wedding. That way we can cut cost on the flowers and I'll be finally using all my paper stack.

I've been searching for pretty folding paper projects, that I though I should share and this is the list so far - apart from the center pieces and cherry blossoms I post earlier (here)

This is the tutorial (Link) And this are some examples of balls made with this flowers

{ Picture from (Source) }

{ Picture from (Source) }

This is some other kind of flower call venus

{ Picture from (Source) }

The tutorial here (Video Link separated in 6 small videos) via Origamiancy (Link)

And some random folding projects I like

{ Here's the description of the project (Link) }

Here's the description and video tutorial via Origamiancy (Link)

Here's the description and tutorial on .PDF format (Link)

I was also searching for different origami boxes and this is what I found and like so far

{ Picture source }

And I Found this cool Instructions:

1 Page
2 Page
3 Page

Here's another tutorial for the box (Link)

Are you attempting to learn a new technique to make something for your wedding ? want to share?

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