April 15, 2009

004 - Here comes THE DRESS!

So as some of you know, I'm designing and making my own wedding dress, but the sewing part it's not as bad as having to decide over a million kind of shapes!

After tons of research and as I share with you here I decided to get some inspiration by well known wedding designers and narrow down to 3. I actually started last month and by now I have the bottom part completely done and I'm working on the top (pictures soon) yay!

Now because our venue ( Mr. Poodle's Granparent's ranch) is really dusty I decided to go with the simple plain puffy tulle bottom, so that way the fabric wont catch as much durst as the other choices I had.

But the top is not going to be like the picture your about to see, so don't worry I'll have the "girls" well covered ;)

♥ The dress!!

To view scroll down...
(Para ver, has scroll hacia abajo...)

This is one of the signature dresses by my favorite designer Monique Lhuillier : Swan Lake.

Pic by Oncewed

I don't remember the Designer but sure gets close to my idea

As for the hair picture big waves and a flower on the side, sounds so much like my dream hairstyle :)

Pictures by bios on the knot

I'm not really a "pearls" king of girl, actually I don't have anything with pearls on them, but I feel so tempted when I see this kind of pictures!!

by Redot Design

I also wanted color shoes, I can't help but jump on the "color shoes wagon". I wasn't sure about the color, either green or purple. (My feet want to wear purple - but I feel bad I'm leaving Mr. Poodle's color behind :) )

Picture by Jennifer Bowen

Don't you feel like after you know the kind of dress you want, all the other " look ideas" that pop every second to your head, start to make sense?

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