April 21, 2009

011 - Eco-Friendly!!

Ok I couldn't help it and I did some quick 4 hour research (oohh my I need to stay away from the computer!) about Eco-friendly stuff, one of my favorites are this Blossoms that can be turn in to so many different things. I already have a big and cool idea of what I'll do with this, but I'm not revealing until I can show it better. So just keep those bottoms in mind and if you live in California, please help me save them!!! I don't want to look like a really weird girl that travels with tons of those with her, instead of clothes hehe

{ Image Source (Link) by iDiY }

I also found this flowers made of plastic bags

{ Image Source (Link) }

and how about a cheese or butter plate made of Wine Glass bottles?

{ Image Source (Link) }

I really love all the different things you can do or buy that are using recycled materials.

Are you planning on incorporated a "green" idea for your wedding? want to share it with the hive?

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