April 10, 2009

002 - Let's talk Dress

When I was a little girl I used to make dresses for all my dolls, I started with toilet paper - My mom wouldn't let me use sharp scissors or needle and thread lol - Then I moved to fabric when I was around 7 years old, by the time I was 14 my mom bought her first sawing machine and I moved from making clothes for my dolls to my lil sister, I slowly kidnap the sawing machine and started making clothes for me :). Now I use her machine all the time - even call it mine lol .

I love to make dresses and dream about making one for my wedding - but now I know there are not a piece of cake!

So to start slow, first I need to know what kind of dress I'll be making, I started web searching and tried on different shapes - just to know how they feel. I'm a big dancer (not a good one but i love to dance) So for my wedding I wanted something comfortable.

So here the final 3 inspiration dresses :)

Number 1) Designer Monique Lhuillier - Nadine

Images Source Once Wed

Number 2) Alvina Valenta

Images Source Once Wed

Number 2) Designer Monique Lhuillier - Swan Lake

Images Source Once Wed

Now I definitely know how I would like the bottom to look: PUFFY!!!! but I have so many thing to decide still.

Did you experience the overload of dresses on your WEDDING DRESS folder file? Mine is already about 260 pictures, and those are the ones on the NOT LIKING folder...

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