April 9, 2009

001 - Poping the BLOG!

So I thought I should start introducing myself, I'm a Chilean Industrial Designer that has a fascination over Graphic and Fashion design, I graduated last year from the University of Chile, and I work as a web designer and freelancing on anything that has to do with design! love it ♥!!

Mr.K and I met 2 years and 3 months ago, while I was working on an Interchange work experience program in California. It was a pretty close to love at first sight kind of experience and after a couple of trips for the both of us, we are planning on a one way one, to finally be together forever <3

This is actually my first blog, and I’m extremely excited is actually a wedding planning one yaaaayy

Now just so you know, this is not going to be a normal wedding planning, because actually not many of girls plan a wedding on the way I’m going to have to. Usually you have a date and work from that to find the perfect place and all the planning goodies, now in my case the date is going to be the last thing i will know!! LAME! isn't it! Anyway, that’s just because we are working on visa papers and the date of the approval in order for me to travel does not depend on us.

So far we do have a place, and that's My Handsome grandparent's ranch in California, It's so cute and goes perfect with the ideas I have in mind (you will see them later) So actually the planning is going to be the perfect way to keep my mind out of the calendar wishing it would past faster, so I can see my love again. That way anytime I'm not working, I'm trying to think of cute ideas for the wedding :)Yay!

So if you think planning a wedding is a hard thing to do, think about doing it 5,576 miles away, and not only that, I have no idea of the local resources and I’m not so familiar on how to get the supplies I’ll need for my projects, but taking care of that I have: First my amor’s family that I love so very much and have being so supported ( Actually My soon to be mother in law sent me the bible of “how to plan a wedding book” cause I knew nothing of how weddings work in the USA, Thank you B!!) And the friends I met while I was there.

I’ve been having so many ideas ever since we started the visa process on February, but the lack of time, got me to start this blog just now.

The main purpose of this blog is to show on a direct way our wedding planning and visa process, cause our family’s live so far away that we couldn’t keep informing all the time (my mail was overload with images) plus if you happen to be on the same situation, we will love to hear from you and your experience so far, share ideas and hopefully inspire some brides to be on the amazing journey of love: to become one.

That's for now, and Bienvenidos!

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