April 13, 2009

003 - Color Madness!!

This is the color palette I put together to show Mr. Poodle how cute our colors look together.

I don't know if its normal but I keep imagining everything I see on Purple&Green (Clothes, fabrics, books, ornaments, etc...) but yeah I'm kind of weird. So this are the first random cool ideas I've seen and like of colors and inspiration I've found.

So far I think this is the coolest "Green&Purple" wedding I've seen

{ Pictures by Once Wed }

{ Image Source Left (link)- Right (link) }

And This is definitely the closest to "our vision" centerpieces so far. I just fell in love with this paper flowers. The original pictures were red (left) and yellow (right) but I had to try and Photoshop them to match our colors :) . Want to give those a try? Here you can find the tutorial for this cute paper flowers (Link)

{ Image source ( Link) }

I also loved the cherry blossom paper flowers, they just look so cute! but of course on purple. So I got lots of recycled purple paper, already cut into 8cm squares, and the plan is to make 350 of those with the help of the girls here in Chile. If you liked this cherry blossoms you can find the tutorial here ( Link)

Now when it comes to the green, I loved the fruits accents!

{ Pictures from The Knot & Once Wed }

Another cool thing are balloon lamps, me encantan :) !! But I have serious doubts and I'm planning on trying some other options using recycled paper for that.

{ Pictures from OnceWed }

Cool frame, but what I liked the most were the apples on the arrangements! GO GREEN! :)

Are you using non traditional ways to add your colors to the wedding? want to share?


  1. how to make the purple paper flowers?
    they are beautiful!!

  2. April :)I linked the tutorial


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