April 19, 2009

008 - Flores de Arcilla

I Found this really cool blog call Blossoms (Link) and I felt in love with their deco clay flowers, want to see? look.

Aren't they cute?

Well, after looking at tons of pictures of clay flowers and bouquets I decided I will immerse myself into the clay world and work on my very own bouquet. Ive never worked with clay before so I know it can't be as good as those, they are "CLAY MASTERS!" but on the other hand I've pretty much teach myself every technique I know :)

I feel that it will mean so much to me to make my own bouquet - I wanted to make an origami one at first. So this could be another cute option.

I'm going shopping for material tomorrow and I'll start experimenting, once I decided what I will be doing, I'm going to post the process and instructions.
I sound like I have a lot of faith on my future clay skills lol, and I haven't even work with it yet, but I have a good felling about this, so cross your fingers for me (yay!)

Have you tried to learn something just so you can use it at your wedding?

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