February 8, 2010

There’s something JOYFUL in the air!

You know why?….

( loud drums!!!)

Because I finally open my OWN Etsy shop!!!

Goshhh! I’m so excited to write this post :) So this weekend I decided I was going to start with some basic stuff for the shop, since the wedding planning is taking over ALL my time, specially now that we are only 2 months away!! I started small, simple headbands and brooches is what you’ll find for now… but after April I have SO MANY new projects to work on for the shop! ( and bigger)

In case you didn't know, I also *just* started my new BLOG


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And I already listed some cute little headbands, so go check it out! and if you have more ideas I’ll be SO happy to hear your comments and feedback :)


howjoyful--2 [ Source ]


howjoyful--4 [ Source ]


howjoyful--1 [ Source ]

18-b [ Source ]

howjoyful--3[ Source ]


I had so much fun, making the headbands and then taking pictures! I can’t wait to have some more free time to make some more :) I decided to name all of my products after flavors (mostly ice-cream)  because I’m a sucker for them LOL

I am SO EXITED! and stay tuned because in a few weeks I’ll be giving away headbands on my HowJoyful! blog.

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