February 11, 2010

A little sewing for Mr. Poodle

Early in our planning I searched for inspiration so I could show Mr. Poodle my ideas for him, we both liked the idea of something really casual, and he decided he would like  to wear a vest instead of suspenders (our first choice), so he left the search in my hands but I couldn’t find anything I like 100%. That’s why I decided to make it myself!

I wanted to make something for the guys, since I’m making the dresses for all my bridesmaids :) So this was the perfect project, very simple and *hopefully* cute!

I found the exact fabric I wanted at Joann, and I used the online coupon so at the end the materials were really cheap ( about $30.00 for material to make 5 vest).

And as soon as we got home I started cutting, I used one of Mr. Poodle’s old vest as my pattern for the shape, because I didn’t like the pockets that one had. Ok, enough words, now let me show you!
 vest1So first I cut all of the pieces, one for the back and two for the front.

vest2  Here you can see the back and fronts
( I’m using a solid darker brown for the back, and in person it’s not as shiny as the pictures show, damn flash! :P )

vest3 Then I cut two stripes and I sew them to the back, I’m planning on putting 2 buttons one on each end of the back stripes.

vest4 The first fitting, to see how the back fit, no pockets yet, but I did mark with pins the exact place he wanted them.

vest5 After that I cut a straight line and sewed two pieces on each side of the cut.

vest6 Here you can see the two pieces already sewed on the front, after that I turn the fabric to the back through the hole and TADA! a pocket!

vest7 I sew the edges and close the pockets on the inside.

I though it look very nice but I wanted to add a little secret detail, so on the inside of the left side I stitch this! TE AMO = I love you

vest8 And since it look kind of lonely I decided to close everything on a heart.

vest9 Here the final result after sewing all the edges of the vest

vest10 Here the final fitting were we decided I’m going to put 4 buttons on the front
(it’s going to look better with the buttons )

And this is how the TE AMO looks in the inside :) Mr. Poodle really like it and he didn't see it until the very last fitting, so it was a cool surprise until then lol

Are you taking in your hands the look of your groom?


  1. Boy Mrs. Cleaver, Wally looks really swell in his new vest. The "Te Amo" is so sweet. Beaver is going to get jealous you better make him one too. That would be swell.

  2. Oh my gosh, you make it look so easy!! Which I know it is not easy! I love it. Great job, Joy!

  3. there's nothing i can say that hasn't been said already: you.are.extremely.talented! you did a great job with the vest!

  4. That's a neat vest, I can't believe it is home made!


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