February 4, 2010

So hard to say goodbye

Ok, so I can truly say that every time I read abut brides being so attached to their invitations I thought they were crazy. Until -- I became one of them!

When we sent our Save the Dates I was so relieve that the task was done and maybe just because they were not much work I had no feelings when we let them go. But now it’s totally different!!

Yesterday, MIL B and I went to the post office and ask about hand cancel them, because well, I did spend 2 WHOLE DAYS sewing those little Kraft envelopes. The Post Office Guy said that there was no difference with just sending them normally or doing hand cancel, so I believe and with lots of pain hand them to him.

The funny part was that I sent a Save the Date for on of my friends in Chile that never got it too, and when he saw it, he ask me “Are those yours?” I smiled and say YES! well they actually remember them and since we send them a month before Christmas they like them so much that they based the design of their Christmas postcards on our STD, that’s pretty cool!!

Anyway, back to the subject, and this is my face after letting them go!


Notice those empy containers, well this is how they looked like minutes before:


I wanted to get a lot of vintage stamps to go with our pretty wrap around labels, but all the ones I found have crazy colors or I needed like 10 of them to make the 44 cents, at the end I order the normal ring stamp (after all I’ll never use that particular stamp again :P ) and since I could only get them on sheets of 25, I got 100 ring stamps, pretty lighthouses for the other 12 and normal 98 cents for our internationals.

I selected all of the single men we had on our list and gave them the lighthouse, after all I know it was cooler for them that stamp than the classing wedding rings.


Did I mention I sew labels for 2 days? … Ok, just checking!


And the last little detail was the Return Address stamp I order from JLMould!


I totally loved it! even though I have to work on my stamp skills :P – Well actually since I order the stamp without the clear block it was a little harder to find something to put the stamp on.


So the final moment came and after working so hard on them (I’ll show the actual invitation on my next post!!) It was kind of sad to send them away, but at the same time I’m super excited for them to get to their destination soon!! and hopefully hear good reactions from our guest!

Did you had mix feeling when sending your invitations?

1 comment:

  1. My return address stamp was crooked.

    I am sure I won't be able to find anything to wear, my hair will look horrible.

    I know I will get lost on the "Dust" Road. I am sure I will fall down because my heels will get stuck in the dirt.

    Can't wait to get there!!


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