February 8, 2010

Poodles' budget friendly invitations: Finally Unveiled!

So I already gave you all a small sneak peek of our invitations (envelopes) and how we finally got to transform Uprinting Brochures to our booklet Invitations. I also shared how hard it was to let them go, because it was a TRUE labor of love, and LOTS of hours of work :)

And finally the time has come! Let me introduce to you: The Poodles' invitations ♥

(click on images to see them bigger)

 Here you can see the envelope and the front and back invitation (Each envelope only has one, I put both of them there just so I could show it together)

 Front of our envelopes, I blogged the process here

 The back with a close up of the back side of our wrap around labels

 This is how it will look like when our guest get them

 Invitation Front

 Invitation Back

 Now let's remove the belly band and check what's inside!!

 First page

 My favorite details of the first page, I love the heart between our last names

 Second page, on the left our map, on the right the front of the RSVP page

I love drawing maps :) so much fun!

Front of the RSVP detail

 Third page, on the left the back of our RSVP page, on the right our "Love Timeline"

 Back of the RSVP detail

 Time-line detail

 Want to read?

 The Back of the invitation

Back details

Well that's IT!

That's our booklet wedding invitation, but I also wanted to show the thank you cards we'll be sending out!

I totally love the texture I draw for the invitations, so you'll be seeing that on a lot of wedding related projects!

So our budget break down for them is:

  • 120 Brochures                       : Free       (I won a giveaway from Uprinting)
  • 200 Envelopes                       : $2.00     ( I bought them in Chile)
  • 1 Pack of white cardboard      : $3.00     ( at Michael's using a discount coupon)
  • Return Address stamp            : $10.00   ( I ordered without the clear block)
  • Staz-On Inkpad in Purple        : $4.00     ( at Michael's using a discount coupon)
  • Brow, Purple and white threat  : $6.00      ( at Michael's using a discount coupon)
  • Brown Kraft paper bags          : $7.00      (at Costco, it's a big box that I'll be using for other wedding crafts too --- I made the belly bands out of that )
  • Postage                                  : $58.20    ($48,40 for 110 National-$0.44 and $9,80 for 10 International-$0.98 )

    TOTAL : $90.20 for 120 invitation --- and that gives us a 0,75 cents per invitation! Pretty cool huh?

    ( Thank you cards are not included on the break down)


    1. Damn. That's all I have to say. You should really go into an invitation business (among all the other things you create!). Simply amazing, and what a great price, too.

    2. GORGEOUS! i love your invitations and if i wasn't already married, i will be stealing, i mean, borrowing your idea!

    3. Those look great! I love them!


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