January 25, 2010

Letters A la Poodle

I am in love with wood letters, I love the fact that they are so cute and simple, either you want to do initials or the entire name, they always look amazing! want a proof?

blog_reception-003 [Source]

I told you they look amazing! So the next project on the Poodle’s house was: Letters!


So printed the ones I wanted, with just a little catch, I print on scale, the ones I printed are 10 times smaller than what the real one I have planned (Insert crazy DIY face) Because I like them BIG!

So we have being saving every single box we could, well actually after I told Mr. Poodle about the plan because he was using the boxes I was saving to start our fires at the house :( I realize after I ask him were my boxes where? He said I should have tell him before, but I never thought he was going to burn all of them LOL

After that little incident we have being saving EVERYTHING!! and this is what our letter look on the inside :)  Milk box, Pot Box, Microwave box, you name it, we used it :P


I decided to start with the most complicated letter the “AND” symbol, It is pretty difficult because it does not have a lot of straight lines, and even though it’s pretty big (100cm, more than 3 feet)

Don’t believe me?


Well, after I was done with that one, we started the big ones!!! And I'm really lucky because for this one my MIL help me a lot! She cut, glue and measure with me. Come on B say Cheese for the WB girls!


So after a couple of hours of hard work.We GOT THIS!


Here you can see the real size of both of them, I am planning on making a “J” on the same size of the “K” (150cm, more than 5 feet) and if after finishing that I still have the energy I’ll make the rest of the ones to complete our names but in the size of the “&”


Here’s the rest of the plan!


Right now the only ting that keeping me from finishing the rest of the letters is that we ran out of boxes, so until we save some more I wont be able to finish.

The plan is after wrapping them on paper tape, we are going to give a thin layer of texture ( My FIL is working on testing the best option for this particular kind of letter) then after that we might pain them.
I know that using some other new materials this would have being WAY easier, because we work more on taping all the pieces together than actually making the letter, but I feel warm on the inside because we are using all of our trash boxes to make this project :)

Are you using recycle material for your wedding decor?


  1. LOL, you are CRAZY! (and i mean that in the best way!). Wow, I seriously can't wait to see your wedding in action. I actually stopped following weddingbee, so I'm pretty excited I can keep up with you on your personal blog :)

    I just love everything you're doing for your wedding! awesome job.

  2. Aww thanks Jessica it means a lot, and just because your so sweet I will not get mad at you for calling me CRAZY! (Just Kidding)

  3. Your resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me! I can't wait to see everything in action in your wedding photos!:)


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