January 18, 2010

My E-ring

I just realize I have not show/talk about my E-ring at all, So here it goes!

To be able to understand why I love this ring so much and why it fits so perfectly my personality you need to know a few things about me:

Well first,  Marilyn Monroe’s Quote "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"  Does not apply to this Poodle girl, Don't get me wrong I do think they are gorgeous!But ever since I can remember there’s 3 material/things I do not like to wear.
1) Diamonds
2) Leather
3) Yellow gold

To me diamonds, (specially the big ones) are just like some dresses that I totally love, but I know they would not look pretty on my because I don't have the body for them.

Second, I am constantly doing things with my hands, and many many times that involves power tools, sewing machines, baking utensils, dirt, clay, and the list goes and goes. so because of that I only wear comfortable jewelry that I dont have to remove each time I’m doing something (that’s why I’ve lost SO MANY rings in the past)

So last time Mr. Poodle visited me down in Chile, we meet with MOH and without planning for it we end up talking about E-rings (because she was working on making one at that time) I shared my feelings about diamonds with both of them, and I have to say Mr. Poodle was very surprised, but he totally understood why I didn't like the “classic” diamond E-ring.

Actually I tried to persuade him to the point where I didn't want a E-ring at all, because well, in Chile Engagement rings are not as Popular, and the classic shapes are definitely different.

Anyway, months after that, when we were talking about our bands and the fact that MOH was the best choice to make them, he said that even though I didn't like the Classic E-ring. He wanted to surprise me with an engagement ring, since he was planning on re-proposing anyway.

He contacted MOH and to design and make my wedding band and E-ring (both a surprise for me) While I was still in Chile with MOH, so I knew she was going to do an awesome job, but I have to be honest I was pretty scared :) because when it comes to things I’ll be wearing I am pretty picky (that’s the main reason I started making my own clothes :P )

Well, without further ado, here it is! my E-ring, designed and made by my very best Friend MOH Poodle :)



I could not be happier with Mr. Poodle’s choice of ring for me because it’s SO ME!! It’s amazingly comfortable, I love the clean shape and little diamond detail. (Mr. Poodle wanted a diamond no matter what, so he made me change my mind on this one! wink07 )

I do have to say that I’ve encountered a few eye rolls when I’ve been asked to show off my e-ring, mostly from guys. I can see how they are not used to a different sort of e-ring, and they don’t know me that well to understand how much this ring reflects ME!

How about you? Does your engagement ring reflect your personality? Is it different than a traditional e-ring? Do you find that people tend to have a hard time accepting unique engagement rings?


  1. I absolutely love it, because even though I don't know you, it seems to reflect your personality. He done did good :) I'm excited to see your wedding band now!

  2. I love it! I think it's a very cool design and really showcases the diamond! And you know you'll never see another ring like it!

  3. @Jessica : You cyber know me! :) that counts!


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