January 13, 2010

My paper flowers

Remember this post? There I show you all how I packed all of the kusudama flowers my mom and sister helped me fold while I was still living in Chile.

Well that little box transform into just this little bag a week before Curly and I came to CA. I had to get rid of all the extra weight including the box of the flowers :P


As you can see, there’s not only Purple pedals folded on that bag, there’s also tons of HOT pink ones, why you might wonder? if hot pink is NOT one of our wedding colors, Well last time I pick up the recycle paper I was using for the flowers, by some mysterious lighting on the building I though that was purple!!! I still can’t believe how far from purple I was LOL – and the funny thing was that my mom realized the difference on the color after I already cut all the tiny little squares! So yeah I could not return those :( But I decided to use them anyway, after all I was the one that pick them, they don't have to miss the wedding just because of my mistake :)


Once I got over the – color mistake- Mom Poodle and Sis helped me fold all the rest of my pedals :)


I have to say that it is A PAIN! to glue all of those, but after sewing all of the labels for the invitations this was actually FUN :)

I glued all the HOT pink the week before MOH came to visit us, and she got so into them that decided to glue a line of flowers from the bag a day so we can finish soon :)


As you can see here she started really early in the morning with just a cup of tea.


And even though she said she was going to be making a row of flowers a day, she actually glue flowers ALL DAY long and later ( really late) that day, all of the flowers were DONE!!!


Here you can see them on their box/bed


We also played with them on the carpet so we could count them better


Here they are my lovely babies! my purple kusudama flowers. (Ok Hot pink ones I love you too)

MOH Poodle –> You ROCK!!  <3 Gracias, gracias!!

I still don't know If I’ll be mixing the different color flowers or If I should use the Hot pink in hidden areas, maybe the aisle? I'm pretty lost! How would you use them for? any Ideas? Have you got more help than you could ever imagine from your friends on the wedding planning?

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  1. Yes Jeka ~ you do ROCK!!! You will be missed.


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