January 21, 2010

E- Pics: Making it work

Remember I actually made another dress for our E- Session? I tease with the fabric here, and I showed the dress here, this is how it looks like:


Well, after realizing my Wedding dress didn't fit, I ran to try this one on, and well, it was just as uncomfortable as my Wedding dress :(
What a bummer!!! So I had to come up with a “plan B” because our E-Session was going to be this week!!! MOH and I researched for something similar, on a good price but with no luck, So we went to Forever 21 and found this cutie!

66457843-06 { Source }

We had the chance to go to Vegas with a bunch of friends and on our way there, Mr. Poodle and I did some massive shopping at the Malls on the way there. We got shirt, suspenders, my belt and supplies for the headband I wanted to make, the best part everything was 50% off! YAY!

So pretty much at last minute we ended up with this look!


I added some black plain heels and headband to complete the look


Want a close up?


I wanted to have an excuse to make this kind of headband for a very long time! It was so much fun! I did my nails on bright RED and found some cute red pearls I had to make me a necklace.


So we were ready! BUT the storm started and we thought we were going to have to re-schedule our E- Session again (We did it once because I was sick and even got a fever cold on my lip!: NOT CUTE)

We asked our Photographers if they new a place we could shoot indoors, they said Union Station in downtown LA – We loved the idea, after all our relationship has being based on traveling back and forth ever since we met,how perfect that place would it be!

We borrow some vintage looking luggage from MIL and headed down to LA :) The shoot was SO MUCH FUN!! we had lots of people staring but It was OK, after all you don't see people dress like that running with bags all over, chased by a photographer all the time!

We are so excited about how everything seemed to merge and work perfect at last minute.

Did weather play against your plan A for your E-session? Have any of you had a rainy photo session?


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm on pins and needles waiting to see your pictures!

  2. I bet Mr. Poodle looked great in that dress. Did he have a problem with the cleavage? You rocked those suspenders!


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