January 19, 2010

I have a problem

Well, actually, it’s a double problem.

Last weekend I finally tried on my handmade wedding dress to show all of you how it looks like on me. Well, I ran into a very unpleasant surprise: It does not fit comfortably, like it did when I made it.

My idea from the beginning was to make a very very comfortable dress, because I LOVE to dance, and was planning to do a lot of dancing on our wedding day!

I had to wear an uncomfortable dress when I was 13, so from then on I knew I wanted a comfortable wedding dress.

YES! that's me on my first wedding! – I’m just kidding!! :P  but the funny thing is that when I showed this pic to Mr. Poodle’s brother he ask me: for how long my first marriage last? LOL – The truth is that I was the Spring Queen of my School, and they requested white dresses.

Mr. Poodle: you know about my problem, the rest of this post will be about rainbows, butterflies, ponies and ladybugs so I don't think you would like to read it! :)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I finished my dress about 3 months ago, and even though my mom told me I should have left the finishing touches for later, I was so anxious that I finished it anyway.

In the past I’ve had problems with weight each time I’d visit Mr. Poodle. I blame it on the fact that I usually didn’t work out as often as I did at home, plus I would always try a lot of food that was new to me… and I was always really excited about trying everything!!! But it was still my fault. sad08

The very first time I came to visit Mr. Poodle I gained 23 pounds in just 2 months. It affected my hormones when I returned to Chile, but I lost it by eating small portions of food and 2 hours a day of swimming. But, it wasn’t good to gain and lose all those pounds in just a few months.

So, the next time I visited I was a little more cautious about what I would eat (no more 2-a-day chocolate muffins) and Mr. Poodle and I did some biking and running around the lake. smile045 That kept me on track, and even though I did gain weight again, it was not as much as the first time.

This time around I did my best to eat healthy, but both of us are easily tempted by food. We love it! And we are pretty blessed to be able to eat whatever we want, just as long as we work out, as well. But, I didn’t work hard enough, because MY DRESS DOES NOT FIT!!! (Insert freaking out face!)

Remember this picture...


From this post? Well, now the top 5 buttons on the back do not close and even though the dress does fit, all the weight I’ve gain this last 3 months are on my tummy and boobs, so I can’t really move with this on, and I feel that my boobs are going to explode our of the dress.

So now the pictures of last weekend dress fitting:

my-dress5 I couldn't even bend to lift Curly, If I hold my breath I can sit for a little bit :(

my-dress4 When I made it, the see though was just a detail to make it look pretty not to cover because my boobs were INSIDE the dress!

my-dress3 Notice where the straps are this time!? SO that way I do feel more comfortable but even if I make the straps longer, the cleavage is not the way it’s supposed to be :(

my-dress1 MOH capturing my moment of complain!

my-dress2 I DO Love the purple layers and the Boots!!!

So I have less than 3 months to fit on my dress again OR in case I can’t make it, I already talk to Poodle Mom so she can bring some more of the same fabric to be able to alter it and add somehow.

Did any of you had a unpleasant dress fitting? If so what you choose, alter the dress right away or wait until closer to the wedding?


  1. My friend changed her dress to the corset style so that she didn't have to worry too much about how the dress fit after. =) She found out a month before the wedding that she had to do this so yes, she altered it right away.

  2. Oh boy do I feel your pain. The wedding is in a month and they had to order more fabric for my dress. It was a huge disappointment the first time I tried it on, but after working out and eating SO. Freaking. Healthy. I think I'm finally starting to see a difference. You have time to drop some pounds with three months, just be diligent about it! You can do it :)

  3. I hate my boobs too. I fall outta my dresses all the time. Boo-Yaa Boobtastic!


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