March 4, 2010

Making the Poodle chapel - Part 1

I am not going to lie, for this particular project I haven't being as involve as I would like. And you know why?


Because Mr. Poodle, my FIL and lots of their friends like big machines way more than I do! And that doesn't not mean I don't like them! But most of the time we are at Mr. Poodle GP’s Ranch I carry a box of wedding crafts, so the girls can help me, while the boys play on the field :)

So I think I should start this post with the very first decision we had to make about our chapel, the perfect spot for the altar and direction of the aisle. To make that decision we consider the time and direction of the sun (so our guest will not be blind by it) but there were a few very good spots to consider. So after about 2 weeks thinking about it and being on the field, we were still doubting all of the spots.

Until we found something in one of the spots we had selected ---- it was a SIGN!

We were all wondering what was this white things we saw from far away and MIL went to the fence back on the field and found wedding balloons!!! --- How cool is that!


close-up  [ YES! those are wedding bell balloons! ]

So after the altar and aisle position were selected, we did a plane of the space we will need for the chairs, walkway, etc.. So FIL K and Uncle S could mark the area.

chapel3 That was a cold and windy day!

So the weekend after that FIL K and some family friends work on making the surface smooth and pretty.


On this next picture you can see, right there were he is will be our altar :) YAY!


The next thing was to decide the aisle, MIL liked the idea of having a stone pathway (that’s why there so many rocks on the first picture) but after making a small mock up, we realize that we will need TONS of them, that’s why FIL came up with this really cute idea of putting stones just on the edges, We all love it!! except Curly, he just wanted to be feeded :(


So after getting the thumbs up by all of the ones that actually had hands :P  Mr. Poodle started digging the whole thing so it could be easier to set the stones.


I can say that he had a lot of fun, even though this pictures don't show it --lol


I also had my share of fun shoveling while playing with the dogs :) after all I’m a poodle too!


I also help him with some extra weight to finish really smooth.


And we were ready to head off the field!

chapel11 [ MIL, Mr. Poodle, Baby Poodle Curly and I at the end of the day ]

I was pretty surprised the first day that I saw all of this people willing to go down there and help us out. We are so blessed by all this people that want to be a part on our special day, sometimes is overwhelming. I love Mr. Poodle’s family they totally rock, and they friends are just as awesome, that last day we had about 11 people there with us, that’s pretty cool! Because well, sometimes it DOES take a village :)

Stay tuned because this is just the beginning!

Have you had a lot of people trying to help you on the process of planning your wedding? Did they get you by surprise?


  1. Whoa! I somehow missed the part that you guys are building your own chapel. That's beyond impressive. Now I can hardly wait to see how this turns out! So cool :)

  2. Wow. This looks like is going to take an army to do. I'm glad you have the help. :D Can't wait to see the final results.


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