March 9, 2010

Poodle bouquet : DONE!

Previously I showed you how all my flowers look like, and by that time I had finish all of my BM bouquets and the tossing Bouquet ( I am keeping the one your about to see) But there was still a lot of details to finish on my bouquet, because I wanted the bottom to look like this!


I looove burlap! actually in my room in Chile I had tons of things made of burlap, I love the rustic feel and the soft brown texture, so  to me burlap was the very first idea that came to my mind when I was thinking about how to make the bottom of my bouquet. Luckily I brought some left over pieces of burlap from Chile, and it was the perfect size! almost like I plan it from the beginning :) YAY!
So I started with the top, I cut 9 3x8 inches pieces, and On one side I added some floral wire to add body to the burlap (I try it without the wire and it was very floppy)


After that I sew each one of them leaving the wire on the inside. I used the burlap strings to sew it so it wont show.


I finish all 9 but I end up using only 7 pieces around the top of the bouquet.


I wrap them around and secure them with pins, after that I wrap everything all of them with a long piece of burlap and sew each top piece to it, once they were secured I removed the pins.


And the last step was to add the top piece of burlap, I folded and sew the edges for a cleaner look.


Added some green pins just to add a little bit of color and TA DA! ready to be used!


I am planning on attaching the E-ring of MR. Poodle great grandmother (the one I wore for our legal ceremony) around it, just because I want to be able to wear it again :) I means so much to me!
I think it will be the perfect spot for it! what do you think?

Are you having details on your bouquet? Are you planning on DIY your bouquet?

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